Drawing Workout #6

Drawing stills from a film, focusing on the protagonist of the scene. Drawing with brushes, giving the importance to the movement variations, light and mass. Here, the healed lepper of “The life of Brian”.

Drawing Workout #5

Drawing Workout #4

Drawing Workout #3

Drawing Workout #2

Drawing Workout #1

In October, I joined the Drawing Workout led by Cristóbal Schmal. An international group of diggers meet online every Monday to face his drawings challenges. We draw, paint, print, and cut but, above all, think about what drawing is all about.

Lights and Shadows

The world through drawing

Illustration workshop in the Ripollet Library. I talked about how to draw for fun, how to draw people, and about how to draw on the street. A Very refreshing experience!

Proud Ripollet

In the summer, the LGTBQ mural in Ripollet suffered several vandalism attacks. The city council organized a day to defend it.

Interview with Ilustrando Dudas

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