I was developing a new mural painting last October. The city council of Castellterçol asked me to paint something big illustrating the work of Josep Franch-Clapers in the wall of his museum in the same city.

Josep Franch-Clapers was born in Castellterçol in 1915. He was early interested in drawing and painting, and he studied arts in Barcelona. In 1939, with the end of the Spanish Civil War, he decided to exile to France. He documented his vision of the Spanish exile and daily life in the refugees camp in France, with hundreds of graphic paintings and drawings.

It was a challenge to illustrate the work of a visual artist. I used his shapes and colours as a reference, and I tried to link the result with the present. I proposed a three-part illustration that resumes the work of Clapers during the exile: people exiling, people in the camp and himself as an exiled. Playing with the museum illumination, I drew Clapers inside the building, so he is only completely visible at night.