I’m Javigaar.
Illustrator based
in Barcelona.

With studies in Psychology, Illustration, Fine Arts Music and Coding, I have developed work in Education, Communication and Culture. I offer illustration courses to children, young people and adults, and sometimes I make websites.

Drawing is how I learn about the world surrounding me. Every new project I work on offers me new ways to explore, experiment and see, through the ideas, the techniques and the images. Ideas to share? Write to me at hola@javigaar.com.

Selected clients

  • Ajuntament de Barcelona
  • Ajuntament de Castellterçol
  • Ajuntament de Ripollet
  • Ajuntament de Montcada i Reixac
  • Ara Llibres
  • CreatiuLab
  • Editorial Santillana
  • Editorial Casals
  • European Forum for Urban Security
  • Fundació Oncolliga Girona
  • Petit Sàpiens
  • TecnoCampus Mataró
  • Universitat de Barcelona
  • Universitat de Girona